Norwood Fair Market Steer Show and Sale

The Grand Champion Steer at the 2022 Norwood Fair was raised by Doug Leahy (pictured with his family). The impressive animal was purchased by Kroes Croquettes represented by Annemarieke Kroes (second from left). The 2022 Fair Ambassador Emma Harding was on hand to present the winner’s trophy; also pictured (at the back) is Auctioneer Mark Stanley.

One highly anticipated event at the Norwood Fair is the annual Market Steer Show and Sale. Local farmers select the best of their herds and for months before the fair devote extra time and energy to produce the best possible steer to enter in the annual competition. 

The Grand Champion receives the Peterborough County Cattlemen’s Association Trophy and perhaps more importantly the well-earned bragging rights and usually top dollar for their animal at the auction that follows the judging. 

Interestingly, the friendly competition between farmers to see who raises the best steer is not the only competition at the show as there is usually a friendly rivalry between the buyers just  to see who gets to say they purchased the Grand Champion Steer at the Norwood Fair. 

This year’s Grand Champion was raised by Doug Leahy; his fine animal weighed an impressive 1,494 lbs. It was purchased by Kroes Croquettes for equally impressive $3.55 a pound. 

Kroes Croquettes is a Peterborough based food company that specializes in traditional Dutch snack foods. Their tasty treats are supplied to many local stores and markets, plus they also have their own catering truck. The local company has made it a tradition to purchase at least one or more of the fairs market steers each year. They can be found online at

The Reserve Grand Champion Steer was raised by Brittany Sherry, weighing 1,421 lbs.

It was purchase by Wilburn Archer for $3.05 a pound.

The Third place steer was raised by Shannon Leahy, weighing 1,405 lbs. and was purchased by Starfra Feeds / Paul McMahon for $2.55 a pound.

The fourth steer was raised by Mike and Wayne Telford, weighing 1,443 lbs. it was purchased by Hilts Butcher Shop for $1.95 a pound.

The fifth animal was raised by John Lunn, it weighed in at 1843 lbs. and was purchased by Kroes Croquettes for $1.70 a pound.

The sixth steer was raised by Chris Davis, it weighed in at 1222 lbs. and was purchased by Otonabee Meat Packers for $2.25 a pound. 

The final steer was raised by Neil Leahy, weighing 1470 lbs. and was purchased by Jason McIntosh Auction Service for $1.85 a pound.

The Norwood Fair thanks all those Exhibitors and Buyers for their support and for their loyalty, returning after the two year pandemic break. 

The market steer event has been a fair staple since the first show and sale was held at the fair in 1978.

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Emma Harding 2022 NF Ambassador