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Ontario to boost penalties on developers who breach ethics rules

Mike Crawley · CBC News · Posted: Mar 24, 2022 The Doug Ford government is poised to crack down on developers who unjustifiably cancel or jack up the price of pre-construction sales agreements, CBC News had learned. The province has revealed its plans to boost the fines on house and condominium developers who breach Ontario’s rules for the sector, […]

Premier slams Ontario developer that raised condo prices by $100K after cancelling sales deals

Samantha Beattie, Ryan Patrick Jones · CBC News Premier Doug Ford on Monday criticized an Ontario developer that cancelled dozens of years-old sales deals with buyers of under-construction condo units — unless they agreed to pay more. “Nothing burns me up more than that — some developer just trying to make extra money off the backs of hard-working people. Unacceptable,” Ford […]

The price of new housing is climbing at a torrid pace – The Globe and Mail

Matt Lundy -Economics Published June 18, 2021 The price of new homes is rising at a blistering pace, tied to voracious demand for housing and supply chain troubles that are resulting in sharply higher costs of building materials. At a national level, new home prices rose 11.3 per cent in May from a year earlier, […]